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A necessary set of marketing and training tools to create, motivate and develop your network
EraMLM - Online Business Assistant
All the necessary tools are collected in one platform.
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The EraMLM platform helps you manage your MLM company and work with business structures more efficiently. We have collected all the necessary tools for TOP leaders, network business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Training, the most complete knowledge base, access to building a structured tree and automation of recruiting processes help to reduce labor costs by 30% and reduce the budget for company management.

With EraMLM, you get unlimited business opportunities: the platform is customizable and integrated to your needs.

Our team of experts has 70+ experienced employees in dozens of countries around the world. We have implemented over 40 successful projects, and this number is constantly growing. Join the EraMLM community and experience all the benefits of the platform first hand!
Who is the EraMLM platform for?
MLM companies
Reduce labor and costs by automating key processes and synergizing critical marketing tools.
TOP leaders
A space from which to monitor the growth of the structure, train partners, plan events and track the progress of participants.
Online Business Newbies
Access the largest training module and make it easy to get started in your networking business with ongoing support.
Platform tools
Sales funnel
Knowledge base
List of contacts
Learning module
Chat bot
Sales funnel
A set of marketing tools for finding and attracting new partners to your business from different target audiences. The funnel combines landing pages, mailings, messenger tunnels, analytics and other tools for effective recruiting with minimal effort.
Knowledge base
Library of the MLM leader with training materials in text, audio and video formats. Here are the key topics for beginners and pros alike. Everything you need to know to effectively build business organizations is now in one place. Access to the knowledge base is unlimited. You can familiarize yourself with each material you are interested in any number of times.
List of contacts
A convenient way to keep contacts and work with potential partners. Suitable for handling cold and warm contacts. This is the easiest and most effective way to make your prospect a partner.
The EraMLM brand book contains key attributes - corporate shades and corporate font, logo, hashtags for social networks, Facebook photo frames, Telegram sticker packs, printed materials and much more.
Learning module
For an easy start in the network business. The module consists of a set of educational courses on the start and development of network companies. Structured lessons will help you absorb information quickly and easily, and the practical part includes feedback: your homework will be reviewed by curators. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to get from point A to point B in the world of online business.
Chat bot
Your all-in-one business assistant at your fingertips. The chatbot will notify you in messengers about all important business events. You will receive a newsletter with effective and up-to-date tools for network businesses and MLM companies. Also, it is in the chatbot that you can turn for help and support at different stages of work.
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Benefits of working with us
Expertise in MLM business
20+ years of experience. Our consultants have experience in building business structures that include hundreds of thousands of partners. And they will be happy to share their experience with you.
Integration of the platform for your requests
We know that there are no universal solutions. Therefore, we adapt the platform for you from A to Z. We provide after-sales service, we guarantee advice and support.
Free demo version of the platform
You can make sure yourself that EraMLM is right for you by using the trial version of the program. It is absolutely free and does not oblige you to further work with us.
Our clients
and the tasks that we have solved for them
We have tripled the number of partners thanks to an automated recruiting system.
Reduced operating expenses by 25% thanks to team structuring.
We completed the training 2 times faster thanks to the training module, which helps to adapt easily and quickly.
We were able to launch sales in 1 week thanks to an effective set of marketing tools.
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Customer Reviews
I want to write my first impressions of using the platform. Despite the fact that at first I was not very imbued with the idea of ​​cooperation (it seemed that nothing would come of it), after the demo period I radically changed my mind. Convenient access to the structured tree, recruiting that really works and a lot of useful information in the knowledge base - even for an MLM with 10 years of experience, like me. Thank you very much.
Sergey Ruchkovsky
Date: 19.03.2021
One of the best platforms I've worked with - everything is clear, understandable and without unnecessary problems. I was pleased with the feedback from the curators during the training, it helped me to work out the mistakes that I constantly made before. I will continue to cooperate with pleasure!
Igor Sergienko
Date: 14.03.2021
I especially liked the recruiting system - it became really easier to find partners, as additional channels for this appeared. Separately, I would like to note a full-fledged sales funnel: I want to thank you for the opportunity to create a landing page and marketing mailings that really work.
Anna Kushner
Date: 26.03.2021
Thank you for the easy start in the networking business! All doubts “worth-not worth” with the platform fade into the background. I completed the training in a couple of days: everything is simple, clear and, most importantly, very effective. Now I am gradually increasing the structure and soon I hope to share the first results!
Anatoly Palinsky
Date: 03.03.2021
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